Twilight Dreams Music

New Classical Music Compositions,

Arrangements and Transcriptions (in MIDI format)

By James V. Signorile

Unless otherwise noted, all works composed and copyright © 1968-2004 by James V. Signorile

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1) Et in Terra Pax (Hymn for Hovhaness), Op. 56

(Hymn for Solo Organ in Tribute to Alan Hovhaness)

Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman, 2000.

Published and copyright © 2001 by Zimbel Press.

Et in Terra Pax (Hymn for Hovhaness) (2:40)

2) The Heppleston Variations for String Quartet, Op. 55

(Variations on a theme for String Quartet)

Theme composed by Thom Heppleston.

The Heppleston Variations for String Quartet (7:10)

3) Imaginations (for Children), Op. 54

(4 easy pieces for solo piano)

Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman and the Werner Foundation, 1999.

1. Suite Dreams (1:30)

2. Clouds (1:33)

3. Contemplations (1:00)

4. Snowy Night (1:05)

4) Corona Suite for Piano, Op. 51

(Composition for solo piano)

Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman, 1998.

I. Allemande En Rondo (3:10)

II. Courante (2:10)

III. Sarabande (2:40)

IV. Gigue (2:00)

5) Essay for Trombone and Orchestra, Op. 30

(A Concerto in one movement for Solo Trombone and Symphony Orchestra)

Essay for Trombone and Orchestra (4:10)

6) Twilight Dream, Op. 47

(Composition for Brass Quintet)

Twilight Dream - (fuller MIDI) - (3:00)

Twilight Dream - (lighter MIDI) - (3:00)

7) I Saw A Light (A Christmas Carol), Op. 31

(Composition for Solo Alto Voice and Piano. Words Traditional)

I Saw A Light (3:10)

8) Gloria, Op. 33

(Part of a Mass for SATB Chorus and Orchestra)

I. Gloria in excelsis Deo (3:30)

II. Laudamus te (1:30)

III. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus (2:15)

9) Emendemus In Melius, Op. 45

(Variations on a William Byrd vocal motif for Brass Ensemble)

Emendemus In Melius (2:30)

10) Breathless, Op. 48

(A Sonatina for Flute Quartet)

I. Prelude (4:10)

II. Passages (2:00)

III. Legacy (1:40)

11) Variations on O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Op. 32

(for String Quartet)

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - (fuller MIDI) - (2:30)

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - (lighter MIDI) - (2:30)

12) Elegy for a Clown, Op. 29

(Composition for Bb Clarinet and Trombone)

Elegy for a Clown (2:40)

13) MARS from "The Planets"

(By Gustav Holst - Arranged and MIDI Sequenced by James V. Signorile and Jack Hines)

The Planets (Mars) (6:25)

© 1998-2004 James V. Signorile.

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