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1) Corona Suite for Piano
Opus 51

Composition for solo Piano.
Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman, 1998.

28K (~10:00 total)

  I. Allemande En Rondo (3:07)

  II. Courante (2:07)

  III. Sarabande (2:38)

  IV. Gigue (1:57)

2) Essay for Trombone and Orchestra
Opus 30

A Concerto in one movement for Solo Trombone and Symphony Orchestra.

Recordings of Live Performances

Concerto for Trombone and Symphony Orchestra  28K

Original Composition in one Movement  56K

3) Twilight Dream
Opus 47

Composition for Brass Quintet.

Recording of a Live Performance

Original Composition for Brass Quintet  28K

Recording of a Live Performance  56K

Recording of a MIDI Version

Original MIDI Composition for Brass Quintet  28K

MIDI Version  56K

4) I Saw A Light (A Christmas Carol)
Opus 31

Composition for Solo Alto Voice and Piano. Words Traditional.

Studio recording

Original Composition for Solo Voice and Piano  28K

Studio Recording Words Traditional  56K

5) Gloria
Opus 33

Part of a Mass for SATB Chorus and Orchestra in 3 Movements

Recording of a MIDI Version (28K)

Part of a Mass for SATB Chorus and Orchestra in 3 Movements  I. Gloria in excelsis Deo (3:35)

Part of a Mass for SATB Chorus and Orchestra in 3 Movements  II. Laudamus te (1:36)

Part of a Mass for SATB Chorus and Orchestra in 3 Movements  III. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus (2:16)

(You can also hear a pure MIDI realization of it on my MIDI file page )

I composed Gloria in 1970, but it has never been performed. I have never been able to find an organization with the time and/or resources to perform it. If you are someone who would be willing and able to present the premier performance of "Gloria", a High School or College Orchestra/Choral director, or anyone with access to an Orchestra and Chorus, please contact me and I will be very happy to hear from you!!!

6) Emendemus in Melius
Opus 45

Variations on a William Byrd vocal motif for Brass Ensemble.

Recording of a Live Performance (my College Graduation Processional March)

Transcription and Arrangement for Brass Ensemble  28K

Live Performance of William Byrd  56K

7) Breathless
Opus 48

A Sonatina for Flute Quartet in 3 Movements

Recording of a MIDI Version

Sonatina Original Composition for Flute Quartet  28K

Sonatina MIDI Studio Recording  56K

8) Variations on 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel'
Opus 32

(Traditional) for String Quartet. Original from a Church Hymnal.

Studio (Sound-On-Sound) Recording

Transcription and Arrangement for String Quartet  28K

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel for Violins  56K

9) Elegy for a Clown
Opus 29

Composition for Bb Clarinet and Trombone

Studio recording

Original Composition for Trombone and Clarinet  28K

Gloria for Mixed Chorus and Orchestra  56K

10) Petite Camusette
Opus 28

Transcription and Arrangement of "Petite Camusette" by Josquin des Pres for Concert Band.

Recording of a Live Performance

Transcription and Arrangement for Concert Band  28K

Petite Camusette by Josquin Des Pres  56K

11) Gavotte in D Major
Opus 44

Transcription and Arrangement of "Gavotte in D Major (from the 6th Suite for Cello)" by J.S. Bach for Symphony Orchestra.

Recording of a Live Performance

Transcription of Gavotte in D Major for Orchestra  28K

Arrangement of 6th Suite for Cello by J.S. Bach  56K

12) Réfléchir
Opus 26

Composition for Piano and Guitar.

Studio recording

Original Composition for Piano and Guitar  28K

Studio Recording  56K

13) The Pandora Suite
Opus 49

Composition created with MIDI synthesizers

Multimedia soundtrack of International Themes

Original Composition with MIDI Synthesizers  28K

Original Composition with MIDI Synthesizers  56K

14) MARS (from 'The Planets')
Opus 50

Recording of MIDI Arrangement of MARS from "The Planets" by Gustav Holst

MIDI Arrangement of Mars  28K

The Planets by Gustav Holst  56K

All Music published by Zimbel Press is copyright © 2001-2004 by Zimbel Press.
All other Music copyright © 1968-2004 by James V. Signorile. All rights reserved.

If you are interested in any of the Music published by Zimbel Press, please go to: Zimbel Press
If you would like to reproduce or use any of the Music copyrighted by James V. Signorile, please contact me at :

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